Memoryboxes 1989 Kunstnernes Hus

"what especially catches you are her boxes of Plexiglas filled with memories... This technique of looking back is effective because she has been able to visualize her own experiences in a way that allows everyone to recognize something of themselves."

H. P. Jensen

"Using a sort of feminine humor, she reveals her own personality in these boxes of Plexiglas at The House of Artists (Kunstnernes Hus)...Her message is universal, but with the boxes she delivers it in an original way that draws attention to personal feelings. Each piece of art denotes one year...She also exhibits sculptures using different materials. Her sculptures and paintings illustrate wild fantasy in original materials."

C.F. Garde

Heaven and hell 1992 Gallery en Garde

"Birgitta Steen is an artist that surprises you. She has an enormous talent to draw from, which includes a rather extraordinary fantasy. This and her knowledge of materials allows her to transform her ideas in many ways...It is sometimes as eerie as a science fiction film, but at the same time it is done with elegance."

C.F. Garde

Body landscape 1994 Gallery en Garde

"Using a significant cool distance in the colors, in the realistic tradition of Edward Hopper and Eric Fishl, the artist Birgitta Steen reveals masculinity in four new acrylics and displays well-formed male bodies just as they are...and nothing more. If these paintings give any indication of what Birgitta Steen is going to do in the future, there is cause for great expectations."

Bjarne Baekgaard

Installation of bachelors flat
Maj 2000 Gallery Galschiot

Bachelors flat is weighty with loneliness and one can easily imagine the solitary middle-aged man who shuttles around the mess, stubbing out one cigarette after the other. The only sound is the TV which labors away in a corner. It gives us an uncanny feeling to look around this apartment, as if we had pushed our way in to peer into the most private moments of a very vulnerable person."

Bente Dalgaard

Sun and summer Brille Gallery 1987

"Birgitta Steen has a flair for the exotic and the bizarre. Her special use of distance perspective allows us to view old bunkers in a forgiving light. Itís both beautiful and joyful in this world where nature and art melt together in bright colors. Birgitta Steenís brush dances easily and playfully over the canvas."

Birgit Hessellund